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Your Wedding Budget Can Only Get Better With This Advice

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When the time is set for you to dig deep into the wallet and front the bill for the wedding of your dreams, you may start to feel an extra layer of stress. Your Wedding budget is very essential although you may even start to feel like a wenger throughout every single decision you make, to-do list item and discovered decoration that you want to purchase along the way.

But instead of draining your savings account to afford one night of your life or making an appointment at your local bank to beg them for a loan so you can afford flower-heavy centerpieces that are high enough to touch the ballroom’s ceilings, you can still find ways to plan the wedding of your dreams without scrounging around for money. To help shake off your money headaches, here are 5 tips for any and all brides paying for their own wedding.

1. Think about your bank account after the wedding

Be real with yourself. You’ll be even more stressed, post-wedding if you put yourself in a deeper debt hole. So be smart about the price tag you put on your big day.

2. For the sake of your honeymoon phase, don’t cheat on your budget

Before you pick your wedding dress, date and destination, you need to pick out how you’re going to set up your wedding budget. Look at how much moolah you’re able to spend the night and then split that number up into categories: food, entertainment, decorations, and of course, your dress.

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3. Rethink your dream wedding

You may have grown up drinking the Kool-Aid that your fairy tale wedding needs to have a list of things that you saw they had in all of the movies or books you consumed back in the day. But you’re getting married now, and not then, so trim off the traditions that don’t mean much to you anymore and you’ll find yourself saving a lot of cash.

4. Call in the something borrowed lifeline — a lot

There’s nothing wrong with knocking on the doors of your freshly married gal pals and asking to borrow some of their old wedding decorations or craft projects that they designed and used at their wedding. What is now their post-wedding trash will 100 percent be your free wedding treasures?

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5. Pay yourself back

If you’re stretching your funds to pay for the big day, factor in how much money you predict you’ll get back from your wedding guests in gifts. Then promise yourself that you’ll deposit those checks back into your retirement savings account so that you fill that account back to where it should be.



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