Art Illustration – Wives of the Mau Mau Generals

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Part of our drive on this blog is to promote the digital culture in core aspects such as event, and arts in general. Below is a true illustration which caught my attention and i know it will inspire you.

This is the story of a special unit of 4 women in a small village within Kipipiri Forest. They were the wives to 4 of the Mau Mau generals and just like their men, they too had leadership roles. These women would be endowed in the most unique hairstyles whenever a full moon was approaching. To the ordinary folk this was normal but to the villagers of Kipipiri their hair style was symbolic.


Art Illustration/ Mau Mau Generals

BOBO: She was the leader of the Kipipiri 4. Once she did her hair, she would walk majestically and gracefully across the village without uttering a word. This was a message to the village women that at midnight they were going to visit the men deep in the forest. Her hair was twisted and curled in a complex design to form a route map to the caves that only her 2nd in command would interpret. Never did they get lost or caught.



Mau Mau Generals

CHEP: She was 2nd in command and was always behind Bobo. Being the arms bearer, she was a crafted fighter with more than normal night vision. Her work was to smuggle knives and other blunt weapons for sharpening to and from the Mau Mau hideouts as well as fresh supply of weapons inside her hair.


Mau Mau Generals

MWENDE: She was the lead entertainer and the only one among the 4 who never went into the forest. Instead she stayed behind preparing the women in the village in welcoming their men back home. She was a great dancer with powerful vocals and would lead the women in song and dance as the men approached home. She designed her own mouth piece that had pipes connected to vocal resonators in her hair.



Mau Mau Generals

ACHI: She was the chief cook in the village and in charge of transporting food to the Mau Mau fighters. Her hair was weaved to support carrying baskets of food. At a glance one could tell she had a very strong postured neck. She always prepared an assortment of meals to the fighter’s liking.

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Props / Styling / Production: KEVIN ABRAHAM
Illustrator: JEFF OTIENO



Source: africandigitalart.com

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