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Dear Wedding Vendor: Give Your Brand A Fun Social Voice

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For some brands, social media marketing comes easy. No one will deny that a wedding vendor with a good reputation will be worth trusting. As a wedding vendor, one of the best ways to gather information about your reputation is to consult your past and most importantly through social media.


As a wedding vendor, you can develop a vibrant social media voice that attracts new audiences and convinces them to buy from you, with the following five tips…

1. Figure out the why

If you want to generate clicks through social media, you should first contemplate why people buy your product or service. Answering the question requires settling into your consumers’ mindset.

2. Reflect on your history

Think about why you got into the business in the first place. Maybe you wanted to help people in managing their events. Perhaps you hoped to make a product or service accessible to a different demographic.

Whatever the reason, let it influence how you speak on social media. Use your history, too. Some “boring” brands use #TBT posts, showcasing where they came from and where they are now. Borrow the idea to add a little spark to your social media marketing.



3. Talk like a human

The secret to social media success? Talk like a human. Humans enjoy being treated as humans. If you sound like a human rather than a robot, people will listen.

They will also start to see your brand as transparent and authentic, qualities that build rapport and trust. Those characteristics, in turn, persuade people to buy from you rather than a competitor. Developing that reputation doesn’t require complex mathematics or algorithms. All you need is to respond to consumers’ questions, join in online conversations, and talk about others more than yourself.

Social media is never out of reach, not even if you sell a “boring” product or offer boring services. With the advice shared here, you can develop a unique brand voice that raises awareness, builds loyalty, and increases sales.