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Wedding Proposal Ideas That Are Actually Unique

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Date night, candlelight dinner, romantic music and most eager red box… Or perhaps your girlfriend dreams of some other of being proposed?

Many guys believe that each girl dreams about her beloved person to take one knee position and open a box in front of her with a wedding ring inside, say magic words about unearthly love to her and ask her to marry him. However, is everything that easy? Does every single one dream of such a banality? She is the one and only, unique, the most loved one, inimitable, is it really necessary to make a melodrama screen version proposal? Be original and show your worth! Do everything what you are going to do thinking about her entirely. She has to be stoked on your idea and, of course, respond with a yes. Get inspired with the following collection of 15 ideas how to make a proposal. Maybe the best way to ask her marry you already exists and the only thing remains is to make a bit of changes.

If your girlfriend is a bright personality who likes to be in the high light, it is safe to make a proposal in some public place using quests and flash mobs. A big company of friends and relatives will fit in perfectly fine.

  1. Invite her out to the cinema; go out in the middle of the screening. Arrange it with an administrator in advance, so he stopped the film. At this very moment, you appear with flowers, a cherished little box, and a microphone. Ask her to marry you in front of everyone.
  2. If you and your girlfriend are football fans, ask a stadium administration to show a signature on the scoreboard during a break: «Name, last name, will you marry me?» Your task is for your beloved one to see the signature on the screen.
  3. If you are quite talented, feel free to make a proposal standing on the scene. You can sing, dance, rap or recite poetry, choose an appropriate event and rehearse your appearance well. Farthest according to plan: to arrange everything with administration and to appear.
  4. Another idea to make a proposal in order everyone to see and know is a billboard. A method of street advertising is good if your girlfriend likes attention. The main this is to choose her best photo (the one she likes).
  5. Ask her out for the concert of her favorite band or a singer. Ask an artist to help you with making a proposal. Flowers and a wedding ring should appear from nowhere. The rest is a slight problem – to ask your girlfriend to marry you in front of hundreds of people.

In case your girlfriend is romantic by nature and a huge fan of classics, you will have to watch all the romantic comedies and melodramas in order to find the best way to make a proposal.  

  1. Ask your girlfriend to wine and dine. A ring should be hidden within a dessert. So when she finds the ring, make a proposal. Classics.
  2. If you plan to make a proposal during warm months somewhere at the islands, make it in the evening on the beach. Make a heart out of the candles and ask and ask a heart-racing question «Will you marry me?».
  3. Plan a perfect weekend and rent a county-box. Ask her to marry you in the bright of the moon and the stars. She will remember such a cozy romance for a lifetime.
  4. It is a good idea to make a proposal during a romantic travel to one of the cities of love Paris or Venice. And then, what remains is to choose the right words.
  5. Write your proposal on the sheet of paper, roll it down and tie it up with a message of your proposal to the bottle neck of some beautiful old bottle (so it was possible to take it out without breaking up the bottle). Hide it somewhere on the beach and during a walk act as if you found it by accident. Suggest her to open it and read what it says.

If your girlfriend, your lifelong sweetheart and your best friend, is not much of a tearful things fan, is far from vanilla phrases and prefers watching comics and actions films with you, make a modest and sincere proposal. The main this here is not an audience it is made in front of or whom she is about to tell afterwards, but what is she about to feel. No less remarkable proposals happen in everyday moments.

  1. Far from every girl can say that her man can cook. If you are good at cooking, make a romantic breakfast in bed or a candlelight dinner with flowers and make an unexpected proposal in private.
  2. Is jogging the favorite things to do together? Ask her to stop during the jog because of your shoelace to untie. As you understand, you take a one knee position and it is a perfect moment.
  3. Your beloved one is tired of a working day? Suggest making a foot massage, put a ring onto her toe, and ask her to marry you. Who is to decline a proposal after a foot massage anyway?
  4. If you have a pet at home, you may tie the ring to its collar. So when you say your girlfriend how much you love her, call you cat, a dog, a parrot or a raccoon. Gather support of your fluffy one, you will most definitely get a yes.
  5. There is no secret that girls love sweets. Make your beloved one a delicious proposal. Order a cake with a signature «Will You Marry Me?» or «Be my wife!» on it. Eat the dessert after the main tasty course.

Keep in mind that sometimes it does not matter where. Your words are what matter, inflamed eyes and love, which your girlfriend should feel every day. Would it matter to have a date on a balloon, helicopter, yacht if the fire does not burn? Love and treasure every moment you spend together. It will make it to where your proposal is going to be made with love and just the way she dreamt of.

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