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The Wedding Photographer’s Survival Guide

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Getting ready for the big day can be tremendously stressful. Every wedding photographer has a lot of experience based on observations. If you want to simplify the task of planning the perfect wedding and having a great time throughout the day, you can rely on the following wedding photographer tips.

Always Put Emphasis on Time Management

Early on, it may seem like you have plenty of time to plan everything. Guess what, you will run out of time quite fast. Prioritise, come up with a schedule and try to stick to it.

Handy Items

A few handy items should be available while getting ready for your wedding. Scissors are imperative. Getting rid of labels, straps or doing other small kinds of modifications will be impossible if you don’t have a pair of scissors.

Take Your Socks Off!

Take your socks, your bra and any other garments that may leave marks on your skin off. Do that early enough so that you look amazing during the wedding.

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Hop in Your Dress

Some wedding dresses are really intricate and getting in them will be a time-consuming project. Start getting dressed early enough, otherwise, you risk having to deal with outfit emergencies at the last minute.

Additional Handy Items

Apart from having a pair of scissors, you will need several other basic necessities during your wedding day. A sewing kit, water, pantyhose, bobby pins, rubber bands and a bit of lip gloss may all be needed during one part of the ceremony or another.

Delegate Tasks, Even if that Seems Impossible

Every experienced wedding photographer will tell you that it’s impossible to handle all of the wedding planning on your own. Learn how to delegate tasks. Friends and relatives are there to assist you. Enjoy your big day and let others handle the tasks.

Know What You Want from the Photo Shoot

Whether you have hired a reportage wedding photographer or you have another idea in mind, it’s important to have a preliminary plan. Discuss it with your photographer to make the most of the photo shoot, to get photos that look natural and exciting.

Dress Code

Many wedding photographers prefer guests to be without hats during the ceremony. Discuss the situation with your photographer and come up with a dress code for the event.

Enough Time

You should have enough time to talk to guests, to take pictures with them and to socialise. Plan the ceremony and the reception accordingly.

Receiving Line: Yes or No?

Some people prefer having a receiving line; others avoid the option because of the big number of guests. Think about this possibility in advance.

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Meet and Greet

Appoint a friend or a relative to welcome the guests and to make everybody feel at ease.

Get Ready for the Weather

Reviewing the weather forecast the day before the wedding and in the morning will give you an opportunity to make emergency adjustments and changes to the ceremony and reception plans.

Freshen Up Your Makeup

Get some assistance with freshening up your makeup. Alternatively, you can wet the rim of the glass before taking a sip. This way, your lipstick will remain intact throughout the day.

Remember to have fun and do things your way. This is your special occasion and you should be having the time of your life. Adopt the approach that will make wedding planning easiest for you and that will deliver the wedding you have been dreaming about.