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Remember this viral wedding video?

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The Alvarado, Texas native, who in January went viral with his carpool karaoke rendition of “Tennessee Whiskey,” is now getting to share special moments with his newfound fans.

Moment – April – Place – Reception – Newlyweds

Remember this viral wedding video? One such moment that occurred during April took place at the wedding reception of Houston-based newlyweds Savanna and Garrett. Kris was invited by Savanna’s father to perform his version of “Tennessee Whiskey” as a surprise for the couple since it’s Savanna’s favorite song.

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In this video, the wedding DJ can be heard playing Chris Stapleton’s hit version of the song in the background. The DJ stops the music to announce a surprise guest. He says, “That is not the correct track ladies and gentlemen, because there is a special surprise for Savanna. We have live in person Mr. Kris Jones.”

Bride – Surprise – Face – Groom – Floor

The bride, who appears visibly emotional upon hearing about the surprise, covers up her face. Then, she and the groom take the floor to begin their romantic slow dance with Garrett twirling his adoring wife beneath…
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