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Valentine’s Day Cocktails Your Clients Will Adore

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It’s February and also the month to showcase love! As an event company, you have the responsibility of putting together the most elaborate celebrations your clients will love and forever remember. Whether you are hosting an event for Valentine’s Day or just want to share some ways your clients can celebrate their love, here are three drinks to celebrate Valentines Day:

Cotton Candy Champagne

Nothing says it’s a celebration like champagne. Bring back innocence by adding cotton candy and sprinkles with your glass of champagne. Keep in the love color theme by using pink cotton candy.

Rosé Tasting

A rosé wine tasting is definitely for the wine lovers. You’re also keeping in theme since rosé is pink. You can’t get any cheesier than this! Keep the tasting fun and add a note card questionnaire game.

Valentine's Day

Image by Bev Weidner

A Chocolate Kiss

No, not what you think. The Raspberry Chocolate Kiss Cocktail is the perfect cocktail to celebrate Valentines Day. Chocolate, raspberry, and vodka kissed together. Try substituting the raspberry with strawberries as an alternative.

The ingredients for the Raspberry Chocolate Kiss includes:

Make your clients feel special and either offer these cocktails at a private dinner, showing them your appreciation or create a video showing them how to prepare these cocktails at home for their significant other!

Would you try any of these cocktails?

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