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Use Videos At Your Event As Effective Social Promotion Tools

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These days smart event planning companies have started using social media to help promote their events across the social web. Whether it’s a small local gathering or a large conference, social media can be used to get the word out in a powerful way.

Video Ads, social promotion

Posting videos of your events on the social networking sites is one of the most effective tools for the promotion of businesses and events. It has the following advantages:

(1)-Videos can engage the senses in a way online written content can’t.

(2)-Videos don’t just help drive people to your event; it also increases the chances people will want to share it with friends increasing the promotion of your events.

(3)-Capturing a customer testimonial on video humanizes your story and validates your claims.

(4)-Event videos increase the impact of the event and widen opportunities for exposure.

(5)-Videos bring an extra dimension to events; creating instant kudos for a brand product or service, presenting information in a cinematic package.

(6)-Videos offer who’s who of the attendees and convey the atmosphere of the occasion.

Tips for making effective videos of your events

A good corporate event planning company will make sure; you get maximum benefit out of your corporate event. A good video can be very helpful in marketing and promotion of your event. Here are some tips to make effective videos for the promotion of your events.

(1)-What others say about your company and your product is much more convincing than what you say. Put together a list of questions that will guide your clients’ responses and make it easy for them to say positive things about you and your business.

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(2)-Having a patron talk to the camera about how great your event is, while using the actual event as a backdrop is priceless.

(3)-Capturing event’s buzz is one of the vital aspects of footage that should be added to any good social media event video. The goal should be to capture as many attendees as possible with one shot.

(4)-Use a proper HD video camera, a tripod so that the shots are steady and are of good quality.

How to use videos for event promotion

(1)-Publish your testimonials online while they are still fresh.
(2)-Leverage your video everywhere including your event page, in articles, and with affiliates.
(3)-Host on popular sites like You-Tube, Vimeo and Facebook-All these sites have access to large audience for promoting your event.

No event marketing campaign can be successful without right promotional tools. Posting videos online is one of the most effective promotional tools to create buzz around your event.