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The Ultimate Guide to Event Budgeting So Redefined

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Balancing an event budget is one the big tasks planners face, and the root of most money problems emanate from the previous discussion stages.

It is always best to begin designing an event around a number of financial resources available and not vice versa. The information below will help you estimate costs and identify areas where you can trim them.

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Expenses can come from a wide array of sources once you think about all of the components involved with staging a function.
The most obvious ones are catering and venue rental expenses, but the list only grows from there. The thing is, overlooking even one expense category can have a disastrous impact your per person spending.


Questions to Ask Your Clients

As the event planner, your role is to provide expert assistance with both the coordination and financial management of the event. Keep in mind that your clients are dreaming of perfection, and this can easily cloud their judgment on what is fiscally possible. The time to bridge the gap between their budget and expectations is right from the beginning.


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Event Planner Fees

Of course, you need to incorporate your planning fees into the budget, and this can be a touchy subject for some. Event planners have several ways to charge for their services, ranging from straight fees to percentage commissions. In the end, it is all about finding a medium both sides can agree on.


Trimming Event Costs

Rarely will you work on an event that has an unlimited budget? More than likely you will reach a point in the planning process where decisions about cutting costs must be made. This is where an experienced event planner can really shine in helping their clients. The goal is to identify which options have the biggest impression on guests…READ MORE