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Top Event Planning Tips For Starters In 2017

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Event Planning Tips – When in planning mode, event managers have a million and one things to worry about. Time management and effective planning are not just skills, they become a lifestyle. Even the highly placed event planners can stand to add a few more things to their list.

Event Planning Tips

So what are the top Event Planning Tips for delivering a successful event?

Set objectives – an obvious starting point perhaps, but as event organisers, we have to ask ourselves why are we organising a particular event?  Valid reasons may include generating income or pr, launching a new campaign, product or service, to promote the brand, or to impart learning.

People – it should go without saying that people are your most important asset in delivering a smooth event – your own team, volunteers, venue, caterers and all other suppliers.  If it is a fundraising event being organised, it is likely that volunteers will be utilised.  Recruiting volunteers should be on a par to recruiting employees.  Design a brief job description, interview and hold a detailed briefing session.

Make deadlines, not to-do lists  – The danger of to-do lists is that once the tasks start piling up, your list becomes endless and more difficult to prioritize. That’s why it’s essential to immediately set deadlines once tasks start coming in. Having a logical, chronological progression of objectives will help you better visualize the needs for your event.

Event planning – broadly speaking the events process falls into three categories – logistics, marketing, and content.  Every event will need a detailed project and financial plan, breaking down all these activities into timelines, resources and responsibilities, required to deliver the event.

Use the right Event Planning tools – Even the best event planners need some help. Instead of hiring a whole team, sometimes it’s better to find the right event management software to help you better manage your tasks. With the right event management software, you’ll have a clearer understanding of the tasks as a whole and thus what should be on top of the priority list.

Being productive isn’t about doing more and more in the same amount of time. It’s about doing only the most important things well. And either saying no to the other things or finding another way for them to get done.”

Tomasz Tunguz

We hope these Event Planning Tips have been helpful and will support you in planning a successful event.