Event How Tos

This Article will let you look at events in another way

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Running an event, be it a fundraiser, community event, or a conference or theme party, is not different from running a small business. It requires high-level idea creation, planning and comprehensive management of a various range of aspects.


So what are the top tips for conveying an effective event?


1        Know your intentions – we have to ask ourselves why are we organizing a particular event?  A few reasons may include generating income or pr, launching a new campaign, product or service, or for educational purposes.  As with all objectives, make sure they are SMART enough.

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2        Event design –.  Every event will need a thorough project and financial plan, breaking down all these happenings into timelines, resources, and tasks, essential to convey the event. Timing is the crucial here. 


3         Venue – This is perhaps going to be one of the principal costs of your total budget and there are numerous concerns when choosing a venue.  There are various venue sourcing agencies that can help you find the perfect venue but we at house of Jethro gives the best services when it comes to negotiating the best rates.


4        Marketing, PR and Communications – don’t undervalue the power of promoting the event.   The type of event, target audience, internal resources and budget will dictate your marketing approach. 


5        Executing your event – so you’ve been planning accurately and now the big day is here.  Indispensable is the conception of a master event plan, running order and team briefing for everyone involved – your team, volunteers, all the vendors, venue, caterers, security and any other important parties.


So, by really thinking about your objectives, careful planning, a strong team of people and early follow-up, should ensure an incredibly prosperous event.