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Nigerian Event Vendors: 6 Tips On How To Choose The Right Caterer For Your Event

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One of the first things you must understand before deciding to choose any caterer for an event is the menu. In addition to being a service provider, the caterer can be your food consultant as well. Before you approve any catering service, however, be sure to do the following things.


Taste the Food Sample

You get two things from sampling the caterer’s food: taste and have an idea of how the foods are presented. Even when those two things do not meet your expectations at first, you can ask the chefs to make some changes.


Make sure your feedback is taken seriously. Another thing to ask is whether the food is finished on site or cooked ahead of time and kept warm for the event.


Discuss Additional Services

Some caterers provide only food service, while others offer to provide more things such as tables, chairs, decorations, linens, etc. Either way is not a problem; it becomes a problem if you don’t get notified in advance. If additional service is available, you can ask the caterer to adjust to your needs.



Check References

There will be a list of happy customers, but checking the references carefully can be rewarding, especially when you find certain parts of the service you do not want. You can ask the caterer to exclude or change those parts.


See Past Photos

It allows you to take a glance of the caterer’s attention to aesthetics. If the style or service ware does not meet the criteria you want, ask the caterer to change it or pick another provider.


Ask your Special Requirements

Good caterer complies with your rules and anticipates special requirements for examples dietary restrictions (gluten-free, vegetarian event, special guests, etc), late additions during the event, strict timeline, and more.


Understand who is in charge

If you know who is in charge of the caterer’s team, you anticipate ineffective communication with the team during the event. You need to communicate changes and surprises with the leader to ensure quick adjustments.