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5 Smart and Effective Ways To Become a Successful Wedding Planner

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You have undergone education programs in event management field and are accredited by one or more professional associations as a wedding planner. Still, the road that takes you to achievement is affected by many things other than formal educations. Here you are some easy tips to become a successful wedding planner you can do right now.

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Make good image of yourself

Some people say that we should not judge the book by its cover, but many of us actually do. For a wedding planner, this is in fact a good thing. People will judge you and think high or low of you within the first minute you meet with them. Even when the would-be bride and bridegroom don’t do that, many times it is good to assume that they do. There is always a preconceived notion of what a wedding planner should look like and behave. A wedding planner is neat, organised, knowledgeable, and business-savvy. It means your overall image has to be up-to-date and sharp.


Grow professionalism

There is indeed a big difference between “look like a professional” and “act like a professional”. In your case, both are equally important. Similar to other professions, you have to carry the professional image to your everyday life. A wedding planner is not like a police officer or firefighter who gets easily recognized at work by the uniform. You don’t have a uniform, but the way you interact with people can determine who you are. A good wedding planner is a person who has social skills of surpassing excellence.


Get organized

At times when you have many wedding to think about, get some sort of organizational system with which you can prioritise the closest event without neglecting the others. One of the easiest ways to do that is to have a specially-made calendar filled with all your responsibilities.

If that is too old-fashioned, use event management software on your computer. Let us not forget that you can store your data in the cloud, making it easily accessible anywhere.


Create marketing strategy

The best marketing strategy is one that’s low on cost but high on returns. There are websites and social media where you can post your profiles or create professional company image.


Broaden your network

Investing your time and money on marketing is good, but building a good relationship with other wedding planners in your area is also a smart business move. Joining professional associations of catering services or event organisers can provide an easier way to know more venues, caterers, photographers, and other professionals related to your field.