Most Stunning Wedding Destinations

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So, you are getting prepared for the best day in your life. You want it to be amazing, heavenly scenery, sunny day, a lot of greenery and friends and family. For the perfect day, we chose perfect destinations, and they are all different so there is something for everyone.


Red rocks, desert dunes and ski slopes stand ready for your wedding. There’s Humphreys Peak, the state’s highest mountain is a natural spot for a beautiful photo-shoot. Or, find a way to score a special-use permit from the National Park Service to celebrate the big day in Grand Canyon National Park.

There is nothing that could possibly top that. If you go farther south, you will find the spa heaven of Scottsdale, swamped with luxury resorts.


Breezy Aruba is located south of the hurricane belt, so there are no frightening storms and risk of hurricanes. Things that people love about Aruba, making it the sixth most visited Caribbean island, is its sugar strand (Baby Beach especially), nightlife and multicultural history.

Arubans are a mix of Indian, African, European and Caquetio. There are high-end hotels populating Palm Beach, fancy stores in Eagle Beach, and if you like the hilly landscape, you should visit Arikok National Park.

The Bahamas

If you have heard about Nassau, the most famous vacation hub, you already know it is the best possible place to get married. It is also very simple to get there since there are many direct flights. Everybody wants to see Versailles Gardens, fancy hotels and pink beaches in Harbor Island, Andros Islands and their enigmatic blue holes, and a unique beach in the Abacos.


Belize offers something for everyone, so you can be certain that you will find your pick from more than 100 offshore islands, jaguar territory, and a magnificent barrier reef. Couples get married there in large numbers every year.