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Start A Career In Wedding Planning

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You might not find the man of your dreams like Jennifer Lopez in the movie, The Wedding Planner”, but you are sure to enjoy a high-paying career with a wide range of benefits. Not only will you help others to plan one of the most special days of their lives, but you will also have a chance to express your creativity and test your organizational skills in a competitive manner. Wedding planning is not as easy as you think, but with careful instruction and wit, you can reap the benefits of this exciting job in no time.

Wedding Planner Duties

Sometimes people think that all a wedding planner does is help choose the location of a wedding and what kind of flowers will be at the reception. In actuality, there are numerous details, large and small, that are the responsibility of a wedding planner. After all, this is what soon-to-be-married couples are paying you for – to take away the hassle of focusing on every little thing regarding a wedding.

One of the most important tools that a wedding planner will use during her career is a timeline schedule. After years of experience, he or she will already know the common pitfalls of planning a wedding, from last minute blunders to late catering. Sticking to and maintaining a schedule of events allows the process to run smoothly, as well as make sure everyone else involved is doing their part. For the engaged couple, a budget is one of the most important things to them. Setting a reasonable budget and sticking to the parameters will ensure smooth sailing during the planning of a wedding.

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When it comes to planning the wedding ceremony, a wedding planner must know the ins and outs regarding the following tasks: selecting a date, choosing the location, selecting a priest or other religious counsel to perform the wedding, choosing wedding music for the ceremony, obtaining a marriage license, setting up rehearsals and organizing the processional and recessional.

A wedding planner will also assist in the details of the wedding reception including the first dance, bouquet toss and cutting of the cake. They help arrange the florist, caterers, and photographers. A wedding planner will have their hand in almost every part of the organization of a wedding.

Necessary Wedding Planner Skills

A good wedding planner will learn how to work around limitations to please their clients in whatever situation. They must also possess good communication skills that will come in handy when you have to tell a couple that something is not within their budget. Negotiating skills are also a plus. How else will you be able to haggle a better price on roses or wedding favors? This also comes in handy when you need to have supplies and accessories yesterday. Negotiating contracts to save money is also expected of a wedding planner. This is not a career where the meek excel – be bold and forthright. You need to be strong and have a positive outlook on any challenge.

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Who Needs a Wedding Planner

Not just the engaged turn to the services of a wedding planner. There are many places in the industry that need some assistance when it comes to planning a wedding. You will find that resorts, tourist attractions, hotels, bridal shops, churches and reputable wedding planning firms will often be on the lookout for a fresh wedding planner in the business. Once you go through the applicable educational avenues, you can soon be on the list of these potential employers. Last, make sure you have a business card ready for when any networking opportunity arises.