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Social Media Has Ruined Dating Forever

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Back in elementary school our teachers often talked about how technology and computers would change the world for the better. Manual labor jobs became easier and banking is more convenient than ever now that you can deposit a paycheck by snapping a pic from a cell phone. Unfortunately, no one sent us the memo about how the internet would screw up the process of finding love. And in case you missed it too, we came up with a few reasons it’s better to go offline when it comes finding Mr Right.

  • Too much familiarity too soon. Between Google, LinkedIn,  Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest you can know a man’s employment history, favorite TV shows without having any communication with him! Knowing so many trivial things about a guy leads some women to serious relationships sooner than they should because social media information has provided a false sense of familiarity. And when things become familiar too fast, they get boring.
  • You become a critic of every single post. Here’s the deal, being Facebook friends with a guy you’re dating or wanting to date is a gift and a curse. It allows you to see what he considers is important information to share with others–be it good, bad, or ratchet. But we start analyzing the content a guy posts and judging him to the point of no return, whether we really want to or not.
  • It makes you think the grass is greener on the other side.  Social media puts too many hot items on your plate at once. That’s why you have to look for qualities of substance when getting to know someone, and that comes with wisdom and maturity. No matter how disciplined you think you are, it’s easy to get caught up.
  • It can decrease real-life interaction. This is probably what sucks about social media the most. Just because a guy can click on your profile and see how your day went, he should still call you on the phone to hear your voice reiterate how that day went. We can’t stress how aggravated we are with guys who ask us to send them body pics. If we wanted to show you what we’re working with, it’d happen in real life. And the fact that a guy has to beg us for a view means his chances of seeing what our mama gave us are slim to none.
  • It can make you insecure if you let it.  Instagram girls can be your body goals, just don’t let them consume you. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be satisfied with your outer appearance, but make sure you’re in the gym for you and your health, not because you’re trying to compete with the women he’s known to lust for (which says an awful lot about him).



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