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Social Media Marketing Can be so Useful to Create Buzz for Your Event

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In Nigeria, any event with good buzz and promotion will surely attract a larger audience. With Social Media Marketing, Events in Nigeria are gaining wider acceptance.


According to Socialtables, not only the marketing contents before the event is important in engaging participants and triggering interaction, but also onsite and after the event. So how do event marketers leverage contents throughout event phases in Nigeria?


1. Pre-event

  • Ensure the quality of content – Come up with different contents, topics or landing pages. Do an A/B content testing. Track the traffic or engage your potential participants to vote their preferred sessions in simple polls.

  • Promote in all channels and give out teaser or “candies” – Start your content marketing campaigns through email and all your social media channels. A good event teaser clip arouses interest and curiosity. To get more interaction, candies like a complimentary ticket or free e-book help as well.

  • Throw out the topics related and trigger the discussion – Talk to your audience, engage them to discuss the topics, ultimately encourage them to create contents to share your event.

2. On the day of event

  • Update your event in real time –  Post the pictures during events and let your delegates shape the event with real-time questions and live polls. Read one of our latest blog post on some of the popular apps used during events.

  • Do a live content update for your online audience – Share the impressive, innovative and interesting contents in real time by social media. Simply because you know, you have an unlimited number of online audience.

3. Post-event

  • Take-away materials – Share presentation decks or slides after the event if you get the speaker’s permission or you can get the points concluded and give these materials away.

  • The after-event content – Share your event pictures, posts, videos across all your platforms after your event.  It helps extend your event influence, make your delegates share with their followers and ultimately get your followers in the loop for the next year event.

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