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Event Profs: How to Properly Do YouTube

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There’s a lot to go on about how you should tackle the unique video sharing platform. To make things simple, we’ve created this to-do list, to ensure that you tackle your social media strategies for content sharing on YouTube in just the right manner.

Ensure that you have the Proper Vision and Resources – Starting a YouTube channel isn’t as easy as starting a Facebook page. You should have the proper vision and resources available at your disposal in order to do so.

Consider Your Targeted Audience, But Don’t Forget the Rest – Videos on YouTube tend to be far less targeted when they are published on the platform (outside of the ad platform itself.) They can engage with an audience outside of the people you want to target. With that in mind, ensure that you consider the reaction and engagement of people outside the spectrum of your audience. Of course, don’t forget your targeted audience either.

Go Outside the Spectrum of your Marketing Message – Creating an ad video is easy. You have the marketing message you want to send and you are good to go. However, much like you do on other platforms, make sure to go outside the spectrum of your core message with your videos. Consider each video like a post on Facebook. Creatively engage with your marketing message, instead of bluntly stating it.

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Communicate, rather than Just Sell – You don’t want to be like a telemarketer on the phone with your YouTube audience. Having a straight-on-point marketing video on YouTube, while good on some occasions, is not perfect every single time. Make sure that you leave time to acknowledge your audience and communicate with them via your videos. Send a message that you are open to the conversation, rather than just selling a product or even an idea.

Argue Properly – The YouTube audience loves to debate. When making a video that supports a certain argument as part of your marketing message, make sure that the argument is properly presented. Check out the Top Best Marketing Viral Stunts of 2017 as an example of some great marketing videos.

Inform Properly – Much like with arguments, when making a video that aims to be informative, you should make sure to include proper and honest information. A great way to do so is to be transparent about your sources.

Don’t Just Make ‘Ads’ Make Videos Instead – The Gillette Example is perfect in this sense. Gillette doesn’t just make ads, but they also focus on making videos. Ensure that you have a good ratio of ads and non-ad-based marketing videos.

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