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Precious Tips For Single Ladies: How To Text A Guy You Like

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We can all agree on the fact that texting is something ordinary, a daily activity most of us are doing without even blinking. But, things change when we have to text a guy we like. A few innocent words may turn into something else because texting lacks feelings and emotions, so it is relatively easy to head towards a misunderstanding. Having said these, how to properly text a guy you like while using online dating mobile app? The following tips were specially picked to help you out so that you’ll be able to text right and bring the guy closer instead of chasing him off.



1. Stay away from text that can make him vomit

Which are the texts that can make a guy vomit or definitely lose interest in you? To start with, do not text what you did throughout the entire day. Unfortunately, women tend to text small novels that include every little detail of their day. Well, you are just starting out with this guy, so you didn’t reach the point in which you walk about your day. You’re not that close just yet. What kind of texting guys like? They enjoy short texts that are playful and that have the purpose of planning. So, make your texts short and fun. Use the best dating app in India before choosing one, think about something that will definitely make him smile. Or, if you need to plan a meetup, go straight to the subject, like Where are we meeting?.

2. Do not turn into a machine that sends text after text

Yes, we all know that the time until he actually manages to answer back is torturing, but you need to be patient. Did you send him a message or questions? Great, then just give him time to answer back. If he fails to do so, do not bombard him with text after text because this will definitely send him away. Give him time and space to answer back. Keep in mind that texting should be like a game of ping-pong, not like a war zone where you are the machine gun.

3. Do not fight through texting

Did he do something that bothered or upset you? The best way to solve this is to get to talk about it, which doesn’t mean to use texts and fight this way. So, by all means, do not send him threatening messages, in which you use harsh words and demand him to call you. Just calm down and send him a message in which you tell him that you’d like to talk to him, asking him nicely to give you a call when he’s available. Get the tips from here how to text someone you like using Indian dating app. Doing this will not make him run away and you’ll get the chance to work through your problems.

4. Do your best to add some value into his life

If you want to make a guy yours for good, do not suck the life and energy out of him through boring texts. For instance, when you receive texts like What are you doing?, don’t say I am bored. What’s up?. This will definitely kill the remaining of his energy, which will slowly make him go further and further away from you. There is the chance for you to be bored, but instead of being the energy vampire we talked about earlier, choose to send a funny message back, with a hilarious picture or gif it. Making him smile will certainly make you grow in his eyes.

5. Get rid of just

Although this word may seem innocent, just can definitely be the cause of your texting failures. Messages like just checking to see how you feel or just wondering if you got my last message are inspiring unworthiness, hopelessness, and even clinginess. So, you’d better stop using this word at the beginning of your sentences when texting. Instead, be positive and confident. Go for messages like these Are into doing something fun? or I am grabbing my friends and heading to the beach. You should come as well.

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