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Pictures Of These Fraternal TWINS Will Wow You

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Black is BEAUTIFUL in all shades. These fraternal twins are proof of this concept. Isabella and Gabriella have gone viral after their mom, Clementina Shipley, shared pictures of the girls on social media.

fraternal twins

“Isabella is a calm baby and super laid back,” Clementina tells ESSENCE. “She giggles whenever you stare at her and loves to be tickled. Gabriella started crawling at 5 months as has not stopped moving since. She’s a smiling ball of energy and loves to snuggle.”

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Many social media fans could not get past the beautiful and varying shades of the sisters. Gabriella is a gorgeous shade of chocolate and has bright, brown eyes. Isabella’s eyes are a pretty shade of blue and her skin is more along the lines of vanilla. “Me and my twin brother came out the same way,” one fan of the girls’ Instagram page said. Another subscriber wrote, “They are so beautiful.” Indeed, they are.

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With beauty comes negativity, but Clementina only seeks to embrace the positive vibes online. “It has been an amazing reception sharing our babies online,” the mom shares with media. “It really shows how amazing Black genes are since we can create such unique babies. We have received a ton of love from our posts. Most people have showered them with positivity.”

Shipley goes on to tell the press, “Of course, there have been a few negative comments as well, but that comes with the territory. From time to time we’ve run into negative comments about Gabriella’s color, if she’s loved and if she considered beautiful because of her darker complexion. Also, some people think they must be mixed but they are African-American, gray eyes run in our family so two of our three children have them, once again showing how amazing African-American genes are.”

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