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Event Marketing: Why do people skip online video ads?

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People skip video ads because the content doesn’t resonate with them

It’s a familiar sight now, when watching online videos there is either a video ad before or during. Research carried out by MarketingSherpa found what we’d expect: people just want to watch videos without interruption. But in a world where we need advertising to fund content, there has to be a balance. The next highest answer was that the content doesn’t resonate. We’ve talked before in our guides and blogs about personalisation and how the more personalised the content the more it resonates with customers. Perhaps video ads should be relevant to the specific video content?

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The research shows people don’t want their videos to be interrupted. Facebook recently changed their video advertising to show ads throughout the videos. This research suggests that it may cause more frustration. Respondents also say they don’t have time to watch the videos, assumingly users may think they are usually time-consuming. The key findings from the research suggest that people want personalized video – they want to see relevant ads. People accept advertising but find it less frustrating when it’s relevant to them.


Source: MarketingSherpa

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