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6 Ways To Manage An Angry Client

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Every event planner or event entrepreneur would attest to the fact that they’ve had some difficult or angry clients over the years. This is such an annoying feat, and it’s true that many people can’t handle it at all. Managing angry clients can be really difficult, but you really need to learn how to do that so you don’t have it on the record that you have failed a client.
It could just be that these clients have had past experience with workers who fail to meet up, so you just need to understand this.
Here are tips for managing angry clients:

1. Stay calm

managing angry clients
Don’t retaliate when your client does. Be as calm as ever, so you don’t have two wrongs on the table. Events could be really stressful to handle, and the vision that your client sees may not be the same one you see for that event category. This is why you need to go over the contract discussion and remember what your client needs.

2. Never go personal

When managing angry clients, you have to professional, not personal. When a client upsets you, don’t take it personally. Just have it in mind that ‘it’s just one of those things’, or ‘he’s had a bad day already’. The only thing you should take personally is figuring out what can help your client.

3. Stop and listen

managing angry clients
Managing angry clients entails that you have to listen to what they actually want. Ensure that whatever your client says goes into your ears and sticks in real tight. You don’t want to lose information about what she is upset about– you don’t want to lose another client because of the same complaint, do you?

4. Apologize

I’m not saying that you should go on your knees or anything (except if what you’ve done was extremely terrible and solely your fault); I’m just saying that upset people deserve apologies.

5. Redeem the problem

You need to actively find a solution to the problem at hand. If it is something beyond your duty, work hand-in-hand with the person responsible for this problem. Explain to them how angry your client is.
However, if your client is accusing you, you could as well just explain to them carefully, so it doesn’t seem like you’re against them in any way.

6. Relax and think

Is there a way out of this mess? Also, is there something you can do about it? Try figuring that out so that you can help your client get things done properly.

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