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Make Them Green With Envy In These Latest Asoebi Styles

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Whenever we’re invited to weddings, we always get colour codes and dress codes, right? Usually, we don’t want to be the party pooper by simply ignoring the dress code and wearing something different from everyone else. With these latest green asoebi styles, I don’t think you’d want to be any different at the wedding.
This is why there are different styles and different colours you can choose from, like the latest green asoebi styles, and if your next wedding has the dress code with the colour green, then you have come to the right place.
Keep on slaying in your Green asoebi styles when you choose from these:

1. Look like a boss in this style

This green asoebi style is great with the bow out front. We love how she slays in this style with her gele on top.
latest green asoebi styles

2. V-Neck always rocks!

Who would have thought the red turban would go well with the green asoebi style? Not us! In all, we absolutely love the puffs and fringe on the style.
latest green asoebi styles

3. Beverly Osu with the glitters

She loves to give it to us hot hot!
latest green asoebi styles

4. Latest Green Asoebi style made from Ankara

Yes, it’s Ankara, and yes, it’s also asoebi. We love the distinct sleeves and it makes the style look great.
latest green asoebi styles

5. Green+ Glamour

Words cannot explain how beautiful she looks in this style.
latest green asoebi styles

6. Happy girl, happy dress

This style is so amazing, and you really don’t need a head tie to slay in it for that wedding.
latest green asoebi styles

7. Spot the glitters

In this style, wee love how her curves come clean and make the style look perfect for her. Also, the thin straps are a great mix.
latest green asoebi styles

8. Great plits, great sleeves

Don’t you just want to pull out this style from your screen? Sure you do.
latest green asoebi styles
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9. Another one!

Beverly Osu never fails to give us THE styles. This one is a combination of other beautiful colours, and you’ll look just as great.

10. Catch them young

You really want to wear this style if you’re single and ready to mingle at that next wedding.
latest green asoebi styles

11. Different patterns?

Yes, the head wrap and asoebi style are of different patterns, so it’s a great combo as you can see.


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