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For The Love Of Weddings: Nigerian Bridal Makeup & Gele

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It’s not surprising how Nigerian Bridal Makeup & gele styles are changing in trends year after year! We have seen trends come and go and sometimes we wonder if there will be anything new but sure, as long as it’s stylish and creative, it will always trend.

Traditional marriage ceremonies are such a huge deal in Nigeria, and they’re the kind of family events that everyone looks forward to eagerly.

For a Yoruba traditional marriage, the bride dresses in the native attire of Buba and Iro (loose blouse and wrapper).
The simple outfit is not complete without a Gele (head tie) and Ikpele (fabric draped across the shoulder or tied loosely around the waist, and made from the same material as the gele).

This kind of dressing might seem a little complicated, but with practice, you can nail the look effortlessly.


Just a reminder of what gele does to our look; it gives you that seal of being “party ready”, your gele gives you your party credibility. Here are styles you can draw inspiration from!

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