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Sneak Peek Into The Annual JW Convention At Abuja November 2020

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The Jehovah’s Witness denomination of Christians hold their annual convention in different countries of the world, and this year, the special convention in Nigeria will take place in the nation’s capital, Abuja. All events are seen on the JW event website.

This banquet is a way to celebrate their spiritual heritage, and they make connections with their fellow ‘brothers and sisters’ from several churches and embrace their differences, learning from one another. At the convention, there will be an opportunity to learn proverbs from some of the languages from the numerous ethnic groups we have in Nigeria, and it will be an exciting moment for all that attend.

For the record, the first convention of this kind was hosted in 1970, and it had a massive number of 121,128 people in attendance, and this would be 50 years since the maiden edition. Who knows? There could be special activities for the 50th anniversary because it is such a special record.
Despite the convention being in late 2020, there are special preparations made for it, and you could check out the website for the convention and surf how the preparations progress. Check out the invited branches below.
If you’re looking to attend the convention, here are the eligibility requirements from the convention’s website.


JW Event Start Date

November 2020

Program languages



Pidgin (West Africa)


Invited Branches




Central African Republic

Côte dʹIvoire






United States

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