Idris Elba: From The Screen To The Ring

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Hollywood and Kickboxing

Idris Elba is one of the top actors in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean he is not willing to step in the ring and throw down. Elba recently released a series made up of three parts called Idris Elba: Fighter on The Discovery Channel. The series follows Idris as he prepares for his debut in professional kickboxing. It is cool to see an A-list Hollywood superstar not only like kickboxing, but participate in it professionally. Elba train with the best fighters in the world including Tyrone Spong and Buakaw in this series. Double K Gym’s Kieran Keddle is his head coach throughout the training period.

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The Debut

When you watch the series, it ignites a feeling that in no way Elba is going to lose the kickboxing debut. However, when you look at the training he is going through, you start doubting. The British actor is 44 years old and so for starters age seemed to be a factor in his training sessions. Despite this shortcoming, Elba was working hard and pushing through. They got him Lionel Graves who is not a world beater although he trains at the famous Mike’s Gym in Holland.

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Slow Motion on the Discovery Channel

Once the fight started, Elba was impressing. Not only did he make it to the ring to make his professional kickboxing debut but he also won the match. His coach Kieran Keddle expressed his concerns, but Idris Elba maintained a composed stature and started to fire back. The video on The Discovery Channel makes everything look way better than it does it did because they can slow some things down and everything looks better in slow-motion. The video on YouTube shows a portion of the match, and they are not fighting at a blazing speed, but they are throwing some hard shots on each other and working incredibly hard.

Respect Earned

Elba is eventually able to put Graves down with a knee to the body in one of their exchanges. Even more surprising is how much of a savage Idris Elba is. He tried to punch Graves one more time on his way down. You got to love that fight until the end attitude. The whole three-part series is worth watching and very entertaining. But, if you would rather look at a recap of the action on Elba’s kickboxing debut, then you can see it on YouTube. It may not matter to Elba, but he has earned the respect of many kickboxing fans.

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