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How To Write An Epic Event Proposal For That Client

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You’re looking to impress your prospective client in a business deal for an event that you’d want to organize; well, then you need to know how to make a good impression by creating a strong proposal.
Are you also trying to get prospective clients to patronize your new event business? Here is a highlight of some things you shouldn’t miss out:

1. Summarize your client’s needs and the goals of this event.

You should also include the entertainment options, vendor options, and facilities at the proposed venue. Create a description tab in your proposal and briefly state information about the event.
If there are items that the venue is lacking, don’t be dishonest by including those things. Just mention the benefits of those items available in short phrases.

2. Make suggestions

Furthermore, include your own suggestions about what can be included in the event, and you’ll see that the client may just like it. Get clear and presentable photos of the venue so that the client would be sure if they want that venue or not.

event proposal

3. Talk about your event experience.

As an event planner, you should include details of similar events you’ve done in the past, and just highlight the other unrelated ones. It’s great for you to also include a portfolio in your proposal– include pictures and links from your previous events.  Ensure that it is easy for your client to access the documents from your portfolio, so as to make the proposal reading more comfortable. If you’re a start-up, then you should have

4. Explain your duties and responsibilities.

Your client wants to know why you should be in charge of this event. Also, you would have to include your duties; of course, you’re not just sending a proposal and making things happen after the event– your exact role is what the client needs to know. Why should they pay you for the job, and why do they need an event planner? You should state how useful you are to this event.

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5. Event Budget.

Your client should know the cost of everything that will be spent on during the course of the event. Even though your client looks like someone who can release so much money, give a detailed breakdown because there are so many people who’d prefer that.

6. Policies.

Your business policies and terms of the agreement should also be included. Your client has to know the process by which you do business: is it going to be an installment payment, paid at the end of the project, or paid upfront? Here, you’ll let the client know how you offer services and the monetary aspects of it.

Are there rentals that your client may need to put into consideration or offers that your business is on at the moment? Let your client know these things. Your proposal can end with this item too, you know.

7. Never forget your updated contact information!

You don’t want your client to contact a number that has been dormant for the past 5 years, do you? So, you need to provide updated contact information to get your client’s response in time.







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