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Best Way To Start Your Internet Tv Channel

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Internet TV is booming and the landscape of entertainment is shifting. Once this was a world dominated by large corporate media giants and cable and satellite companies, but today the old dinosaur media is falling. In fact, more and more people are canceling their cable and satellite subscriptions and turning to the internet for their main source of entertainment. This is leveling the playing field and giving ordinary people the opportunity to start their own channels and reach millions of people.

So what is necessary to start an internet TV station? When internet TV first arrived in the early 2000’s it was just a web page with a video player. Today it encompasses so much more. Today it can be your website, or a app for iPhone, android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and much more. Just think about companies like Netflix and HULU that have apps on almost every device out there. That should give you an idea that the more devices that you have a TV app for the larger your potential audience.

Internet TV is made up of a front end and a back end. Just like any store it has a store front and a back office behind the store front where all the management takes place. Internet TV is the same. Your front end is what your viewer sees, its how they interact with your channel. It could be your app they download from the app store and open on their device or your website. The front end is the look and feel of your internet TV channel. Its how the public perceives your channel. The back end is the nuts and bolts of the operation. This is where you schedule videos, manage playlists, create VOD (Video on Demand) categories, broadcast live and much more.

So to make an Internet TV channel you need developers that understand the world of online video. Many people may know a tech friend but odds are most people that claim they know a thing or two about internet TV really have no idea how it works. There are four main components: A developer to build your apps and website, a CDN (Content Delivery Network), hosting, and someone to manage it. One of the least known pieces of an internet TV channel is a CDN. A CDN is what allows more than one viewer to watch your channel at the same time. More specifically a CDN is a network of highly sophisticated servers configured specially for video delivery. Without a CDN it is impossible to have an online channel. A CDN will serve up your videos so that thousands can watch them at the same time with out crashing, and re-encode your stream for mobile devices so that mobile viewers can watch it also in their browser or apps you have built.

In regards to developing an app, you need a developer that has worked with video and a CDN before and has to experience in the field. Many make the mistake of hiring a local developer that does not know what he is doing. Here is where the problem comes in many developers do not know that they are not equipped to develop an online channel because most developers have worked with a video or two on a shared hosting system (this gives them the false illusion that they can develop a full online internet TV channel ) but not a full system that can manage and play videos. This is why many developers will give quotes and collect money only later to find out that they really don’t know anything about this. So be aware of what you are getting into.

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