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How to Easily Market Your Event Planning Business on Social Media

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Use Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to market your business better.

Starting a business appears to be so easy: have an idea, the research said idea and executed idea. And then boom, you have a business, but not so fast! A business takes customers and customers are easily swayed with all of this information online. “Facebook users spend an average of 1.7 seconds with any piece of mobile content on the platform, compared to 2.5 seconds on the desktop.” Says Adweek, wow that’s fast!

Once you are clear on who your business is targeting, you have a descriptive intentional bio for your social platforms and you have categorized your business appropriately you can easily market your business through photo’s and video on these three platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

For this article’s purpose “Leave no stone untouched” is going to mean do it all. No, do not extend yourself and your business trying to utilize every social platform out there. Instead, utilize all means of remaining relevant on each social media platform. I suggest choosing 3-4 platforms that you will maintain content on.

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Whether your business is business to consumer or business to business sharing is caring, and everything has become visual.

Here’s why your business should be on these platforms:

Facebook: More than one billion people are active on Facebook.

Instagram: The mainly mobile photo sharing network had reached 800 million monthly active users.

Pinterest: Pinterest reaches 150 million monthly users.



Create Facebook Albums

You can create Facebook albums for every blog post you have, for weddings you’ve photographed or events you’ve curated.Creating albums showcases the work you have done in an organized way for your audience to be able to refer to.

In your album description, you can tag with the Facebook page names of the businesses that are included in the album. Include both businesses that have a Facebook page and that do not have a Facebook page in your description.

Get more specific and tag each photo in the album with the Facebook page of each business in the photo.



Post Consistently

When sharing photos and video tag the photo directly and include the business profile in your caption.

Use hashtags

Be intentional and research hashtags that are related to your business, and audience. You may go a step further and use the hashtags that the businesses you tagged may be using.



Share eye-catching imagery

Include helpful titles and descriptions with a link to your website. Pinterest images are usually linked to your business blog page, sharing helpful tips or projects your business has worked on.

Also, sharing in group boards places your business in front of new audiences, promotes your work and builds relationships.

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Organize your visual content.

Upload consistently.

Post your latest work, client testimonials, vendor’s work, behind the scenes, and features/and publications.


Building a strong online presence is one of the best investment you can ever get your money in.


You get to see your Return On Investment (ROI) and gain credibility and trust.


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