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How to deal with lost luggage

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One of the major issues most travellers find when travelling by air is identifying their luggage on the baggage carousel at airports. Finding and tracking your suitcase on the luggage carousel can be frustrating because so many of them look alike.


You’re standing at a baggage carousel for so long and all of a sudden your luggage are nowhere to be found.

Have you ever found yourself in this kinda huge mess before? If yes, then this is for you.

If the airline loses your bags, the first step is to claim lost luggage compensation, you’ll need to write to the airline within seven days of this period (so, after 21 days but before 28 days have passed), again stating the flight number and date and requesting compensation. This can be done at the airport or by mail.

For example in the United States, if you paid a checked baggage fee for your lost bag, the airline must refund your fee.  Furthermore, you may need to present receipts to prove the value of the items you had in your lost luggage. If you have them, include copies in any documentation you send to the airline.

Note that most Airlines in most cases have a long list of items for which they will not be held responsible; they won’t pay compensation for valuable or breakable items in checked baggage these include jewellery, money, and other valuables. These sorts of items should always be left at home or packed in your carry-on bag.

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How to Prevent Lost Luggage


  1. Put your name and phone number on the outside and inside of your bags.
  2. The most common causes of lost and delayed bags are late check-ins and tight connections. Try to avoid both when you can.
  3. Pack all valuables in your carry-on bags. Cameras, computers, wallets, jewellery, passports and essential travel documents should not be in your checked baggage.
  4. Make sure the person who checks your baggage attaches the correct destination ticket to every bag, and get a claim ticket for each.
  5. Pack a change of clothes in your carry-on bag so that you’ll have something to wear if your checked bag is delayed.
  6. Travel insurance is the best guarantee that you’ll recoup any losses. See our guide to travel insurance for more information.
  7. Another creative way is to get luggage that stands out from others in design and color. And there are a lot of different designs for you to select from.  For example, you can get luggage that is a color that a lot of travellers do not use. It seems that black, blue, and dark green are the more popular colors. If you get luggage that is red, or pink, or light blue, it will have a better chance of standing out in a crowd.  Dark colors seem to be more popular.

These are a great way of identifying your luggage fast and easy.

To cover yourself for any scenario, make sure to take out a travel insurance policy which covers you in the event of lost or delayed luggage.


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