Here Is What Stopped Oprah Winfrey’s Already Arranged Marriage Plan

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To many, marriage is a way of proving to your spouse and the entire world that you really love your partner, and willing to give a “let go” to all your other priorities, and stay close to your love. But that is not always the case. It seems like for some women; marriage does not worth to make them drop the live standards of their choices and become submissive to a man.

Stedman Graham and Oprah Winfrey have been together for over 30-years without ever saying to each other: “I do”— and they still plan to keep it that way. The former talk-show titan is now explaining the reason why the marriage has never featured anywhere in their partnership.

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In the past, there was a time in when Oprah admitted to having “wanted Stedman to marry me,” and he also wanted that. As a matter of fact, in the early 1990s, Stedman popped the question. However, after their plans being delayed by a book proposal, they dropped the marriage subject altogether.

“No one believes it. But it is true. The next (and only) time I brought the subject up was when I asked Stedman, ‘What would’ve occurred if we had actually married?’” she remembered at an interview with ‘Vogue.’ “And the answer was—‘We would not be together.’”

“We wouldn’t have stayed together since marriage calls upon a different way of living in this world,” explained the 63-year-old. “Graham’s interpretation of what it really means by being a husband, and what exactly it would mean for me being a wife; would’ve been very traditional, that I wouldn’t have managed to fit into [that].”

Or it can be, as she put it during a “SuperSoul Sunday” conversation with friend Shonda Rhimes in 2015. “What I realized is that, I do not want to be married …since I couldn’t have the life which I created for myself.”
The billionaire has no regrets about that. In fact, she told ‘Vogue’ that she has learned a helpful lesson by refusing to get married — just “live your life on your own terms!”

But, irrespective of how clear she’s, about her terms, the rumors about their marriage continue to emerge. Just last year, it was gossiped that Graham and Oprah had finally wed, making a few of her friends to believe.

But as a straightforward woman, she responded to the wedding rumors: “IT IS NOT TRUE!”

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