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It’s understood that people would be willing to hire an event planner that a good friend referred them to. After all, our friends know us and know what we like. The event business is highly becoming a more competitive space as thousands of event vendors, here is the question, how can you have your own share of the market volume while maintaining good standards. But it may surprise you to know that people will even make hiring and buying decisions based on reviews by people they don’t know.
According to the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, one offline word-of-mouth impression drives sales at least 5x more than a paid mention does. Below are practical ways to get more referrals from your peeps. If your event business is new or struggling, the easiest and least expensive way to grow it is through referral marketing, but how do you get happy clients and attendees to talk about you? Try these tips.

Ask for Introductions

Again, if you ask you’ll likely receive, but unless your clients and attendees are thrilled beyond belief, with everyone being so busy it will probably take more than just asking. Always ensure that you “pass it forward” yourself too. If you bring business to your clients they will be eager to return the goodwill.

Provide an Attraction Point

Incentives can be very effective in gaining referrals if you find one that your audience values. In the case of attendees and clients, it’s best to use different types of referrals. For instance, discounts on attendance are not something your clients are looking for, yet attendees love them. You can be very creative with these discounts by giving them a discount code to share with friends or by taking an amount off of their registration fee for every person they sign up.
Set up a Special Landing Page

For attendee referrals, set up an event landing page just for them with their discounted registration fee and a welcome message. This will make attendees feel like they have a secret code to give out and that kind of exclusivity feels good to people.

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Know a Referral Is an Introduction

Let’s be clear. You’re not looking for someone to type a list of names of people they know in an email and hand it over to you. Ideally, you’re looking for an introduction and someone to vouch for your services or event. If you’re going to provide incentives, your customer or attendee must act like an agent in order to collect the “fee.”

Be Yourself

Be yourself, unless the clients get to know you and open up to them. Don’t be just an event planner. Be THEIR event planner by connecting with them and caring about their lives as well. Someone who does more than just the service you hire them for is someone you want to refer to others.


In Conclusion

One of the most effective ways to improve your event planning business is through word-of-mouth marketing. It’s inexpensive and persuasive and it’s really hard to beat that combination in drawing a crowd. It’s definitely a gradual process. But if you have fun with it and really make connections with people, success will follow.