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Lorraine and Samuel met at church in 2012 in London. They became good friends really quickly and it was a very natural progression in how they developed feelings for each other. From there, the pair dated for a year, but only became official in 2015. So technically they’ve been together as a couple for about two and a half years before getting married. Lorraine and Samuel celebrated their union with a modern wedding with South African elements. Check out their special day, captured by MikiPhotography.

Bride: Lorraine Baleera, 30, Executive Assistant
Groom: Samuel Baleera, 30, Talent Development Manager
Place of residence: London, United Kingdom
Wedding date: February 18, 2017
Wedding location: The Haymarket Hotel, London
Honeymoon Destination: Bali, Indonesia

From the bride:

I experienced a range of emotions on the wedding day, but the biggest were gratefulness, joy and pride. I was grateful the day went smoothly and all the months of planning and execution came into fruition. I had absolute joy that Sam and I had made it to this point where we can pledge our love in front of friends and loved ones; and pride that I can now call Sam my husband. As cliche as it sounds, this was the best day I could have hoped for and the reality was better than all my dreams of the day. My heart was truly overwhelmed and there are possibly no words that can fully describe the raw, intense emotions I experienced that day. I felt like a queen and the day was truly fit for one.

From the groom:

I always thought that I was going to cry at my wedding. Knowing where we are coming from, let alone where I was coming from was enough to bring me to my knees in tears, or so I thought. There was no way I could last the duration of the ceremony, especially with the amazing singers serenading the guests with classic R&B. But, I was filled with smiles and laughter and it was only after the wedding (during the honeymoon) where I really reflected as to why that was. And the answer was simple. The world doesn’t mourn for winter when it now becomes spring. When seasons change, especially when the latter represents progress from where you once were, mourning doesn’t even make sense, but what makes sense to me is to celebrate like my life depends on it. And we definitely did that at the Wedding Party.


Advice for a bride and groom on their wedding day:

Trust the people around you to deal with any problems or issues that occur. They are in place for a reason! Also, that’s because the day goes so quickly, you can find that you don’t actually find the time for the both of you to take in the day, outside of all the proceedings. So, if possible, try and disappear for a few moments, just the two of you, to breathe and reflect.



Source: BlackBride