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Trying To Explore The City Of Ibadan For Your Event? Here Are Top 5 Venues To Choose From

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Being one of the top cities in the entire world, Ibadan is the heart of the Yoruba heritage, and many Yoruba people who love parties and ceremonies would entirely love to visit Ibadan, Oyo State to book a cool venue. Also, if you’re in need of a venue for official or social purposes these venues are a fit for you. To have a great event, Ibadan is a great place to find a venue.
Apart from the sizzling experience that you find in the city, the food is also exquisite, as you get to enjoy the usual amala, gbegiri, and ewedu.
Here are the top 5 event venues in Ibadan, Oyo State:

1. Ibadan Civic Centre

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This events centre is a classy one, and you’ll oh so love the decorations and set. In the banquet setting, it can accommodate an average of 750 guests; meanwhile, it can accommodate 1000 guests in the theatre setting. Also, adequate facilities are readily available, and you don’t have to worry about the power supply, air conditioning, tables, restrooms, changing rooms, chairs or spots to take pictures.
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2. Nustreams Event Ibadan

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Nustreams is a versatile events centre for several purposes: weddings, birthdays, conferences, workshops, and so many others. There’s a 1400-guest setting in the theatre setting and a 900-guest setting in the dinner setting. Also, it has a Garden Hall that is suitable for art workshops, film festivals and other professional events in the humanities and creative space.

3. Casa Lucio

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This events centre is a magnificent multipurpose hall with a 1000-guest sitting in the banquet setting and 1500-guest sitting in the theatre setting. The parking space is voluminous for guests and attendees, and you’ll totally love all the facilities at this events centre. This hall can be used for fashion shows, music concerts, conferences, seminars, and many other kinds of events.
There are adequate security and convenient spaces for you to use during your event, i.e. a changing room, a gift room, etc.

4. Bollads

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Bollads is an exquisite events centre in Ibadan that a host can use for exhibitions, fairs, corporate events and many more. It is also designed for weddings and social events, so everything at the venue is all set for your event. If you are in need of VIP seating arrangements, there is a provision for that. There are adequate facilities and a large parking space enough to contain over 180 cars.

5. Mauve 21

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The Mauve 21 events centre is a regal events centre with different halls depending on your needs for the event. They are: the main hall, the Imperial, the Mulberry, and the Orchard Hall. The main hall is for regular events; the Imperial contains a banquet seat for 850 people and a theatre setting for 1200 people, and it is used for large events especially those that need logistics. The Mulberry is a theatre-like hall that is used for seminars, exhibitions, and other corporate events. The Orchard hall is used for smaller events that don’t require so many people. In addition, there is an executive board room used for meetings, and you won’t have to use the larger halls if the meeting consists of just about 20 people.

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