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5 Top Factors For Hiring Ushers For Your Event

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Are you the event planner for that upcoming event, or the major client who is in charge of the event? Whoever you are, there are many factors to consider when hiring ushers for your event.

Seriously, ushers aren’t merely tall attractive ladies standing beside the stage or brown skin beauties brightening up guests’ tables. Their roles are crucial to your event in every way!

Here are 5 factors to consider when hiring ushers for your event:

1. Ushering Agencies

event ushers

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Event ushers from agencies are well groomed, trained and are highly disciplined. Whatever it is that one usher may do to harm your event, the agent will definitely be sure to scold that usher.

However, not every disciplined child obeys his mother, but it is most likely that the usher would obey instructions given by the agent.

Also, many agencies ensure they interview ushers or simply train them. Few of them are Cedar Ushering Services, Zapphire Ushers, etc.


2. Distance

Whatever it is, you should let the agent or ushers know the location of the event. As we all know, the traffic situation in Lagos, Nigeria is nothing to write home about. Get ushers that would be able to arrive early at the event; this would be a great deal, you know.

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3. Appearance

This isn’t discriminatory, but we all need to consider appearance when hiring ushers. This doesn’t mean hire the most attractive looking usher; it simply means that you need to hire ushers that will look neat during the event- from the hair to the shoes, the usher needs to be prepared for your event.


4. Type of event

event ushers

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Many times, you need to hire ushers who are skilled in IT for your corporate event. This is to ensure that your registration desk isn’t lacking the right workforce. Ensure that the agency has ushers who are conversant with use of computer or Excel, just incase you have tasks for those at the registration desk apart from simply checking guest names.


5. Usher Experience

There are certain events that do not require an experienced event usher, like weddings and birthdays; the new usher can easily learn from his/her teammates during the course of the job. However, when it comes to working at high profile events, you really should hire experienced ushers for your events. This prevents any case of ‘I did’t know that’.

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