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Event Tech: Give Your Wedding A Lift Using Latest Technology

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Technology trends elevate events to incredible levels…and weddings are no exception. As technology evolves so, too, does the ability to document and preserve our most precious milestones and memories. But technology also creates detailed dynamics and animated attractions for events like weddings.

When planning your wedding, you should opt for a few tech-savvy details to enhance the memories for guests…and to document your big day in the most unique and captivating ways possible. So what gadgets, e-centric entertainment and tech add-ons are must-haves for your big day? The choices are amazing, and the array of inclusion is entirely up to the two of you…but here are a few of the most exciting tech-tastic options for weddings and receptions.

Fly-Over Photography

Drones may seem like little buzzing copters that are more for child’s play than adult use, but drones are often equipped with cameras. And with their digital bird’s-eye view of the world, drones can capture amazing overhead shots of the wedding, reception or just snapshots of fun wedding party antics. Not all photographers know how to use drones are even include them as options in photography. If capturing the aerial shots of the ceremony makes your list of photo must-haves, check with your photographer to make sure drones are at the ready.


Virtual Reality Videos

Who says your wedding day only happens once? According to The Knot, virtual reality wedding videos let you relive your big day again…and again. This new trend is an immersive way to experience those exciting moments from another vantage point. And putting on the virtual reality glasses can be an amazing tradition for wedding anniversaries.

Go Social

Social media allows couples to update friends and families about wedding details and plans. After the ceremony, couples also may choose to post wedding pictures and videos. Just be careful posting too much information on social media sites, as you may spoil the experience for guests. To encourage guests to take their own photos and share them online, be sure to set up a wedding hashtag and let guests know how to tag their photos.

Online Registries

Gift registries are a wedding tradition. However, it’s poor etiquette to send guests registry info via announcements or invites. Emily Post states that registry info should be spread via word of mouth. Although, posting registry information on a wedding web site is perfectly acceptable. Be sure guests know about the wedding website and also include any pertinent details that they may need.


For brides and grooms wanting a unique peek at the trip down the aisle, plant a small camera in the bride’s bouquet…or elsewhere. Just don’t forget it’s there, and be sure to have the photographer remove it after the ceremony. Otherwise, you may end up with some crazy video footage!

Technology continuously evolves. Integrate the newest gadgets and e-capabilities into your wedding to create amazing memories and unique details.

When integrating technology into the big day, however, just make sure you respect the boundaries of guests…that means no snapping pics of embarrassing moments or post pictures of minors without parents’ permission!

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