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Event Marketing Strategies For your Upcoming Event

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Once the event technology has been chosen, another significant chunk of the budget should be dedicated to your overall event marketing strategy . Of course, there are countless channels and methods that you could put your money towards, but here are a few popular event promotional strategies that event organizers take.

1) Paid Search – If you anticipate that many potential attendees will be using online search to find events similar to yours, consider dedicating some of your promotional budgets towards SEO and paid search. The most popular platform used to paid search strategy is Google AdWords.

Take these factors into consideration as you strategize how much of your budget you should allocate to paid search.

2) Public Relations – Investing in more traditional forms of event promotion could be a worthwhile investment. In today’s digital age, public relations largely consists of having your event information be published on all relevant outlets. This is where investing in PR can come in handy. A PR team or agency will have both the knowledge and the network to make sure that your event information and all articles surrounding your event will be published on the relevant outlets and publications that will maximize event exposure.

3) Paid Social Media – Another popular form of digital advertising, putting money behind social media campaigns could prove to be a great use of your event budget. All major social media platforms have an ad offering and thus the main task would be to come up with the right balance of funds for each platform to ensure a wide yet still targeted reach.

Ads can be served based on specific demographic information such as age and geographical location. They can also be served to those who have visited your event website which is a form of retargeting.

Meticulous planning is an imperative ingredient to putting together a successful event. And as an event professional, there are few forms of planning that are more important than event budgeting. A detailed, organized, and comprehensive event budget will help you allocate your funds intelligently as well as provide the necessary data to calculate accurate event ROI.