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10 Event Ideas To Boost Your Business In 2020

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The new year has just begun, and we’re 14 days in. I’m sure you saw so many events in the year 2019, and 2020 should not have less. This is why we have provided some event ideas for your business.
Events are not organized by companies just for people to have fun, but when sponsorships and partnerships are included, then it pushes the business forward. This is because the event attendees have seen what the partnering and sponsoring companies are all about through marketing and advertising platforms for the event.
Events help improve people, inspire them and let them explore and discover. If you want to take your business to the social direction, then you should consider planning an event for your company. You are not limited to the event ideas in this article, so you can always think of more event ideas.
Here are 10 kinds of events  you can organize in 2020:

1. Conferences

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You could organize a conference that strongly impacts the people in your locality. Ensure that the conference has panels, roundtables, and other interesting sessions so as not to bore your audience and prospective clients. Select an interesting theme for your conference and also ask people to submit write-ups on what they think about such pressing issues. Ensure you invite them too.

2. Consumer fair

Proposing to small scale entrepreneurs to sell their products at your event is a great start. You could centre it on the trade fair, but let people know what your company does in the process.

3. Dance Event

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Organize a dance event, or collaborate with some professional dancers in the country– they’re everywhere! Your business could have a big plus when dancers invite people to the event.  It could even be a competition, depending on what you prefer.

4. Fashion event

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing this every time, but fashion shows have always been there and they will continue to be there. Designers, models, fashion vendors, everyone in the fashion industry can be involved in various ways. You could also use the show as a fundraiser.

5. Festival

A festival is a great event idea that never goes out of existence. Your festival could focus on almost anything — it could be a music festival, food, fashion, photo, or dance festival. Try to be creative about it too, and make sure you have the right audience for it.

6. Gaming event ideas

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Organizing an event where people come to play a particular game or some specific kinds of games would interest many people. Let them know that they can come with friends too.
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7. Meet up event

Meetups are usually great when you get to meet a person of a shared passion. Professionals could be the pioneers of the event to encourage others to participate.

8. Networking event

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Networking is of prior importance in the corporate world today, and if one needs to connect with other professionals in the same field, the person can always attend the networking event. Let your guests know the importance of this event also.

9. Escape Room Event

This event idea is great when you want to be innovative for your event. Try organizing an escape room event with people trying to solve a particular puzzle or reach the finish line. It’s always fun when a guest attends with family and friends.

10. Open Mic

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In this kind of event, you let your guests entertain one another. It could be through music, poetry, speech presentations or spoken word.

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