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What Is An ‘Event’? Details You Need To Know About The Term

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In normal terms, the word ‘event’ means so many things, but in this post, we’re referring to just one definition of an event.

Taking from the Merriam Webster Dictionary, we select just one event definition:

1asomething that happens OCCURRENCE
ba noteworthy happening
ca social occasion or activity
dan adverse or damaging medical occurrencea heart attack or other cardiac event
2any of the contests in a program of sports
3aa postulated outcome, condition, or eventualityin the event that I am not there, call the house
bthe final outcome or determination of a legal action
carchaic OUTCOME
4the fundamental entity of observed physical reality represented by a point designated by three coordinates of place and one of time in the space-time continuum postulated by the theory of relativity
5a subset of the possible outcomes of an experiment

at all events

in any case

in any event

in any case

in the event

chiefly British
as it turns out

Well, at House of Jethro, our definition will be 1c because we focus on special occasions that people mark like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, engagements, and all sorts.

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An event is a special occasion or activity, and when you mark it, you’re marking a lifetime remembrance with pictures, music, videos, outfits, new relationships, and all other things.  The event isn’t over when it is over because you get to have memories about it and have some evidence like pictures or outfits you wore to the event.

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