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Your Essential Event Planning Guide

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Are you going to throw a party or hold a conference in a few months? If so, then you better plan ahead of time or you’ll end up being talked about–in a negative way. Take note that even if you’re going for an expensive venue or event decorator, without thorough planning, you will still get an outcome that is not up to scratch.

Now, whether you’re an event planner wannabe or you just want to host a special occasion, this guide will help you become a success in this venture.

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Read on and get ready to learn about event management:

Make a checklist

If you miss out even a single element in your party, you will surely disappoint some or most of your guests. A practical solution is to make a comprehensive checklist for the things you need to accomplish for the party, which may include the theme, food, venue, date and time, budget and size. By doing so, you can minimize the risk of forgetting important parts of the event.

Define your needs

Once you have an idea about the components of your celebration, you can now go to the specifications. How many guests do you want to invite and can be accommodated? Which catering service are you going to get? Do you need to get the wisdom of event theming experts?

Set a budget

Any project that you wish to pursue involves money. Holding a certain event isn’t an exemption. So make a financial blueprint that includes everything that you’ll probably spend on—food, invitations, decorations, venue and other supplies.

Assess all components of the event

For you to be certain that you get top-notch services, speak with the people involved. For the food and beverages, discuss with your caterers regarding the menu; for the location, check the size, features, fees–and negotiate appropriately; for additional fixtures, you can go for an event furniture hire.

Send invitations ahead of time

Your guests will be pleased if you inform them in advance so that that they can prepare for the event, especially if you have a theme or a dress code. For business conferences, you can publicize the affair through posters, radio announcements, and other media.

Evaluate the outcome

After the event, assess how it turned out. Did everyone have a good time? Were the food and beverages enough? By evaluating and comparing the results to your expectations, you will see which areas you need to improve on for you to have a more satisfactory event management the next time.

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