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Wedding Inspiration: Engagement and Marriage Proposal Ideas

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A good number of women dream of meeting A. MR Right who will sweep them off their feet and into a life of happily ever after. Although this is the stuff of fairy tales, it’s indeed a magical day when a man asks a woman to become his wife. The old method of having a lovely dinner at a four-star restaurant with the man falling to one knee is certainly memorable, but there are many marriage proposal ideas that are unique and just as special.

marriage proposal ideas

The Real Wedding Vow We Often Fail to remember

Propose on Bended Knee. It may be traditional, but every girl wants to be proposed when you’re down on one knee.

Have a Ring. Whether it’s a 4-carat diamond from Tiffany or a unique sapphire gemstone from a local artisan, be sure you have something to give her when she says yes. Not sure what kind of ring she wants? Propose with a toy ring and enjoy engagement ring shopping together!

Document It. Your marriage proposal story will be one that your grandkids will repeat to their children. Document the moment so you can re-live that special time in your lives forever, and even use as part of your engagement party or wedding. Hire a professional videographer and photographer or have a friend hide paparazzi-style with a flip cam or iPhone on record.

Make it a Surprise. No amazing proposal starts with the words “I knew it was coming.” Find a way to take her by surprise. If you’re not Mister Romance, inviting her to a romantic weekend will be a dead giveaway. Consider leveraging the help of a collaborator who will distract her or propose on a day that she will never be expecting it.

Make it Her dream marriage proposal. Focus on making this moment something that is a dream come true for her. Make a list of things that she loves and brainstorms a way to include some or all of these in your marriage proposal. Inspiration can come from her favourite movie, song or favourite memories. Incorporate those elements with the five senses and you’ll design her dream marriage proposal.