Effective Marketing Tips For A Wedding Planner

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The wedding planner is no longer a  specialised aspect of events: nowadays, it’s an interesting widespread professional reality.

It can be classified as a relatively new concept, but it’s a very demanding and structured job, that requires the development of a detailed marketing strategy, which is critical to the growth of the client base.

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Here you can find Effective Marketing  ideas for your business growth:

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Unique Selling Proposition

This concept can be valid for every business since you are living in a world full of competitors and you are just a small drop in the ocean.

So, try to be unique, try to give your customer the added value they are looking for. Both if you direct your marketing effort to a niche market or to a general audience, you have to make your customers feel like they found the only person who truly understands their needs and desires for the most important day of their lives.




Create Partnership

Do you know how profitable is intercepting the prospects when they are shopping for wedding-related services? Finding a trusty vendor that spreads your card to his customers is the best advertising you can imagine! You can forge partnership with anyone working in this field: from the flower shop to bridal ware outlets, wedding venues, photographers, caterers and so on.


Be Present at Wedding Expos

From visibility to credibility, this is the best way to do networking and find a crowd of “desperate brides” looking for the perfect wedding planner.

Establishing a presence at a wedding expo gives you a powerful platform for meeting new customers and learning which direction your industry is going in.

Don’t forget to bring with you plenty of business cards, to hand out to each passing guest.


Good Relationship Brings Referrals

Send thank you cards or little gifts to your past customers. It’s important to develop a good relationship with the people you have worked with (both customers and partners), in order to ask them for referrals, maybe offering some incentives or extra services.


Be Social

We know that this is an evergreen, but we don’t tell you this enough: share share share! This is a free way to advertise your business and interact with prospective customers, so post some of your favourite works on Instagram, tweet the last wedding trends and offer discounts or special offers through your Facebook page.