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Easy Strategy Guide for Your Event Planner

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As an Event planner, there is so much on your mind. From marketing campaigns, securing good venues, to sourcing of sponsors to secure for the next event. For all these specifics to be fully organized, sometimes you need a brainstorm — a strategy that works.

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These tips will show you how strategy sessions can relieve you of the encounters of event planning as an event planner or event prof.

Tip #1: Find the Precise Space

Before you start devising, make sure you’re in a relaxed environment. Try to find a discreet place with abundant elbow room and make sure you have pen and paper.

If you’re working with a team, grab an open room, a handful of writing utensils, paper, and post-its, and get to work!

Tip #2: Plot it Out

You’re ready to brainstorm, but where should you start? The simplest method — writing your thoughts down on a piece of paper — may also be the most effective.

At this point, your views will need to be readily handy to you and your team long after the session. Remember that shared Google Drive or Dropbox folder you created? Time to make use of it! To guarantee that your written ideas don’t get lost in a sea of paper or eraser dust, take a photo of your work.

Remember, capturing your concepts is the first step in unifying an event as an event planner.