Depression: A woman’s long road to recovery

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Depression really is a silent killer. Staring out the window, Mary looked at the beach; she didn’t know what she was starring at because her thoughts actually weren’t  in the present. She was far away from reality, but anyone looking at her will think she is enjoying the view.

Mary is rich, good looking and fashion conscious, but just looking at her, you would know she has more problems that she is letting out. Problems some people don’t see as problems. While growing up, Mary didn’t have anyone to turn to when she had problems. For instance, when she first hit puberty, her parents, especially her mother, wasn’t there to teach her or help her. Remembering the pain she passed through alone while they ignored her, was just a normal stomach-ache for her. Even when she started having breasts, she doubted if her mother noticed.

As for her father, he was a workaholic. He never noticed anything even when it was thea obvious thing to notice. Mary compares him to a statue. He is dumb, deaf and blind, except when it comes to making his money.

Her mother was a socialite, always having one event or the other. Maybe that is why Mary preferred to be on the quiet side. She hated most of her mother’s parties. To her, they didn’t make sense. The people who attend most of the parties are just there to show off their wealth and nothing else. Her father’s parties are worse. Though not loud like those of her mum’s, but to Mary, the parties are always tensed, she wonders why the people come in the first place.

Mary has no friend. Something that is still affecting her till date. Her mother never approves any friend be associated with her. Mary’s best friend is her dairy, which she carries along with her everywhere she goes. Her other ‘bestie’ is her phone, which she uses for social media or chatting because she has no one to share them with.

Since Mary has no friend, she finds it difficult to chat on Facebook or Instagram. Any attempt she makes to chat with people is never being responded to, so she stayed away. But she prefers Twitter where she can remain silent, a medium she enjoys not to make friends or chats, but to read tweets being posted by others.

 I am sure by reading this article you will think Mary is an introvert but funny enough she is not. She has a temper of that of a volcano and avoids people as much as she can, so as not to display her true nature. This, in recent times, changed a bit when she met Michael.

Michael didn’t come from a good background and that was a no, no from her mother, but Mary loved him. Michael understood her so much and despite her temper, he stayed with her. Sometimes, she sees herself as one psychopath and Michael an angel. He made her normal until her mother made sure she got rid of him.

To her, he was a low-class wreck, and shouldn’t be associating with her family. So she gave him a one time opportunity. A job in the states, on one condition, he leaves and never contacts Mary again. He accepted and till date, Mary never set her eyes on Michael again. To make the matter worse, her mother uses this to spite her. Telling her no one will love her.

Through one of her father’s parties, Mary met Andre. He was perfect for her mother and Andre wanted power, so they got married. A marriage filled with pain and agony, as Andre didn’t regard Mary as anything. He made her unhappy by never being around, he never called her and he was the perfect womanizer. Thinking all will change after the birth of their daughter, it only got worse. It didn’t take long karma caught up with Andre and he lost everything. This changed him into a beast as he took out most of his frustrations on her. Soon enough, he caught the eye of a rich old woman. He later left Mary for her and filed for a divorce. Mary was too happy to leave him.

Though at first, the divorce had its toll on Mary, later, it resolved itself. Andre continued with his irresponsible ways by never giving the child support even though his rich wife has gotten him back to his feet.

Things were a bit hard for Mary since she didn’t want to involve her family in her problems and it got even worse when her father died in a ghastly motor accident. Her mother being the carefree type now had to curtail herself. Thinking Mary was enjoying herself, she threw most of her burden to her. In order not to disappoint her mother, Mary tried her best but it was never enough.

Sometimes, when the burden became too much for Mary, her inner-self took control and she lost her temper. To let go of the stress, she started to sleep with different men, which she hid from her daughter who always sees her as a strong woman – but which Mary invariably knows she isn’t.

Mary gets to meet Fred in one of her encounters to kill of stress. Fred is a man who tries to understand her. Mary is okay with Fred but sometimes get frustrated when she sees he is of no help to her. She has tried her best to do away with him but realises he makes her happy in his own way. He always chats her up, encouraging her, never letting her into his burden and comforting her whenever he has the opportunity to be with her. They both had their jobs, which consumed their time. (A saving grace to Mary) so she let him stay.

Years passed and Mary thought she was happy until she got a message from André that he wanted to take custody of their child. A child he never cared for. She ignored the message. Some months later, a court order was served and Mary knew he was serious. She didn’t know what to do because she has just finished investing in a multi-million business, which would take six months to emerge its profit. Her mother was of no help, Fred is worse and she has no friends to turn to. Why was Andre doing this to her?

Her thoughts began to pile up day by day. She ignored the court order; she didn’t tell anyone about it, not that she had anyone to tell but she started becoming over-protective when it comes to her daughter. Something Fred, the school and her mother noticed. She soon started driving everyone away with her temper.


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Her daughter became afraid of her, she didn’t want to offend her mother, but it was telling on her as she soon started getting frustrated with her mother’s ways. She asked herself what to do, so she decided to go to Fred whom she knew to be her mum’s friend. She pleaded with him to talk to her mother, though at first, Fred didn’t want to go because he was offended by the way Mary insulted him the last time they met, he accepted and listened to her pleads.

He didn’t want to go to the house, so he went to visit her at her Lekki office where he saw Mary staring out of the window to the beach. He knew immediately Mary was in a bad state of health, psychologically. He wished he could help her but he knew there was nothing he could do, as he turned around and walked back to his car. Mary continued to stare at the beach…

Depression actually is a silent killer.

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