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Creative Ways to Save On These Wedding Costs

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Getting married is one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. You’re running around personalizing your ceremony and having friends and family cheer you and the love of your life on. It’s uplifting, invigorating and super expensive.

Some parts of your wedding you won’t be able to get a discount for. Venue pricing and reception charges are often not possible to negotiate, so you should take stock of what you know you’re going to need and see what’s in your power to change. Check out these tips on how to save money on a few of the most expensive parts of your wedding so you have an easier time planning and a happy day without any financial worries when it’s time to start the ceremony.


Be Flexible With Your Guest List

If you think about what you’re paying for food, drinks, and seating, it’s already a big chunk of change. The more guests you invite to the ceremony and the reception, the higher that price is going to go. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can go about your guest list to help you save cash.

Some brides invite everyone to the ceremony and only immediate family and friends to the reception. This would save you money on the food and drink costs that more reception guests would cause you to spend. You can also set strict rules from the beginning about your guests: no plus ones and no distant relatives. It all depends on what part of your day is more important for your loved ones to see, and who you truly value as one of those loved ones.


Get Friends to Take Pictures

You’ll want your wedding immortalized with great pictures, which is something all brides have in common but are you willing to pay what it costs? Instead, ask friends to take pictures for you.

If they don’t have a fancy camera, they’ll have a smartphone, and they can send you everything they’ve captured after your big day.


Make the Cake at Home

Save yourself the time and money by making your own cake the way you like it for affordable grocery store prices.

Saving on your wedding is something every bride should try to do. Beat the businesses by doing what you can on your own, and don’t forget all the people willing to help out! Everyone working together as a team is what’s going to make your wedding one for the books.