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Considering A Weekday Wedding? Here Are Reasons It Is Good For You

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Weekday weddings seem ‘strange’ to some people because it’s not a party day, and not so many people will have the chance to attend, but isn’t that the whole point? Many people could prefer privacy or just want to save costs. However, if you’re not in any of these categories, you can still benefit a lot from weekday weddings.
Here are the reasons you should consider a weekday wedding:

1. You have more options to choose from

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For Saturdays, all the best photographers, weddings, vendors and make-up artists get overbooked. As we speak now, one of the venues you have in mind has been pre-booked for the next two months. You don’t want to miss out on that wedding of your dreams, right?
On the other hand, weekday weddings give you more options to choose from, whether you want a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. These wedding businesses have just a few or no wedding jobs during weekdays. This doesn’t mean they’re free though; you actually have to book ahead as well to be sure that they don’t have a conference or festival to work at during the weekday.

2. Week-long celebration

A weekday wedding allows you to have your celebration for more than just one day and night. You really want to enjoy your special day, so why have such a short wedding that won’t allow you to enjoy the moment? For instance, if your wedding is on a Friday, you could have your after-party stretched into Saturday and then have a picnic with your guests so you can have some outdoor fun on Saturday afternoon or evening.
Somehow, you may even want to go to the Saturday night club with your friends after that. It may sound stressful after the wedding, but would you really want to miss out on this memorable period?

3. Have your loved ones up close

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Having fewer guests allows you to see people up close, thank them for attending and dance with them if they wish. There are other people in your life who work from Monday to Friday, so you don’t have to have them all at your ceremony. Sometimes, when you have a few people, the noise and stress at the wedding also reduce.

4. No clashes

Your guests won’t start arriving late or leaving too early just because they have to meet up with a popular event somewhere. They’ll rest assured that they have nothing else to do for the day, except if some people have a meeting or two.

5. Best Services

weekday wedding
Some vendors or photographers get stressed out when they have more than one event in a day, and yours may just be ‘one of the events’ to them. You may not really get the attention you seek because they’re too busy trying to meet up. However, you can always have their attention during the weekday, especially if you book on a free day.
Don’t be hesitant about planning your wedding on a weekday. It’s a special day, and it’s definitely going to be fun. Weekday weddings may not be crowded, but it’s a lot of fun. It’s your special moment, and it’s all about you.

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