Consider These underwear styles for your wedding dress

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Brides put so much thought into what they will wear on their wedding day… it’s all about the dress, isn’t it!?  But what about what you’ll wear underneath? Depending on the style of your gown, and the coverage and support you need, you may need to put a little extra thought into what type of bra or lingerie you’ll want to wear under your dress on your big day.

There’s definitely a few different factors to keep in mind when shopping for your wedding day undergarments:

  • 1. Comfort: You’re likely going to be wearing your dress and coordinating undergarments for 8+ hours on your wedding day. Choose a bra and panty set that is soft and comfortable for long hours of wear.
  • 2. Support: It’s important to find the proper fit that supports you and your girls all day long. You want to choose something well-fitting so you won’t be pulling it up or adjusting it all day long.
  • 3. Prettiness: Let’s face it… we all want to wear something pretty on our wedding day (and night) am I right? Finding something that fits the bill of comfort and support, while also looking feminine and sexy can be somewhat of a tall order.
  • 4. No-Show: Last but not least, you want to find a bra that hides seamlessly underneath your gown for a classy and un-rumpled look. Some styles can cause bumps, lumps, and protrusions through your gown, so keep an eye out and be sure to try your bra on with your dress at all your fittings!