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Consider These Tips Before Choosing Your Wedding DJ

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Now hiring a wedding DJ is all very well and probably essential, even more so if you happen to be the kind of person who has a particular fondness for music as a whole. However, that is only a part of making your wedding night one of the most memorable and fantastic nights of your life. That is ultimately your main and number one priority.

The real deal (and occasional problem) lies in getting hold of the right DJ for your wedding. You need to remember that a great number of times, even the best and most recommended DJs for the job may not necessarily be the right choices for you and your wedding in particular. This could be the case even when looking out for a wedding DJ hire in Lagos.

Don’t fall into the trap of hiring a DJ only because he happens to be sought out by everyone, without even bothering to check his credentials or specialty. After all, there is nothing worse than you finding out the drawbacks of your DJ and regretting your decision on the day of your wedding itself.

On that very note, having prior knowledge about the different types of DJs most certainly does help. Here are the three most important types of wedding DJs:-
The organized DJs: As far as this particular kind of DJ is concerned, you can be sure that the overall process and specific order of events will be held in the highest possible regard. Even when things tend to go wrong or are out of place, you can be sure that he will handle it like an absolute pro.

Not only will he be dead serious about his job, but if there are any snags, he will handle it so smoothly that the bride and groom won’t even notice. However, this may be a slight drawback for a couple who are just looking for spontaneity in general and are not too keen on following formalities.
The DJs who are all about the fun: This type of DJ is of the sole belief that he is the star and center of the show. You can expect a wide plethora of different aspects such as goofy hats crazy costumes and a whole of colourful lights to boot. Always the kind to throw in a couple of jokes into the fix, these DJs can be great fun, depending on your priorities.

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Those DJs for whom technology is a priority: Now in their regard, these particular Djs are all about the type of sound and the size of the speakers. LED lights, plus a wide plethora of different gear across the board will be their main focus. If you are looking for a particular sound, then hiring this type of DJ would be your best bet.

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Even after all of this, you may very well ask “Why is it so important to know the different types of DJs? All I’m really interested in a DJ that knows his job and has a good collection of songs”. Well, that’s the one part of the bigger puzzle. In a sense, there are many different aspects to a wedding that have been illustrated in the points above. Even though each aspect has its own role to play in the bigger picture, most people tend to prioritize one or two aspects in particular, depending on their preferences.

Hence, you need to ultimately decide which of those aspects is of the utmost importance for you and then take it from there. Like for example, you are on the lookout for a DJ that is more focused on the fun aspect of the wedding rather than the overall structure, look out only for those services that hire such DJs.