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Capture The Attention Of Your Event Attendees With These Tips

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What do breakout sessions, interactive displays, and giveaways have in common? These are all effective hacks event professionals use to boost engagement during events. Some might even say they border on cheating, but they always capture attendees attention.

But whatever people think, these techniques work and they work well. Below, we rounded up a few articles that give you these and other tips that will make your event remarkable and sticky. Hopefully, it’ll also make your event sticky enough to turn event goers into customers and repeat attendees.


This Checklist Could Save Your Trade Show

Trade shows are intensely competitive. On top of standing out, you also need to mind your own business goals by closing deals and meeting people across the floor. This can get pretty confusing fast, though. Thankfully, Bizzabo has compiled a list of items every event professional should do before anything else. As always, the list starts with effective goal setting. It also includes a complete breakdown of how to prepare the perfect booth, while also giving tips for preparing for emergencies. In addition, the guide covers how to build an effective content strategy as well as how to create an app for your attendees.

Ditch the Lectures and Do These Instead

Conference lectures used to be the bomb, but nowadays they can get incredibly boring and rarely capture attendees attention. You need to keep your audience excited and on their toes. A long talk about a topic might not be for everyone. Instead, consider having short activities and breakout sessions. Give your attendees free rein on which talks to go to also works. Lastly, have your expert speakers create an interactive session that asks (or answers) interesting questions, a great alternative to traditional talking head presentations.


Make Your Booth One of a Kind

Ask any event attendee and they’d say most of the booths they visit didn’t really leave a mark with them. I bet they wouldn’t even be able to name the companies behind those booths. However, you can make sure your own booth will always be one of the few standout setups that dominate the floor. This guide summarizes what remarkable booths are doing right, with a focus on the perfect giveaways that stick to your visitor’s memories. You don’t even have to spend a huge chunk of your budget either. All you need is to find out what items you think your booth visitors would use daily. If your booth budget won’t allow you to have giveaways, you can even switch to digital souvenirs!


Tech up Your Display for Your Next Trade Show

Still using an old-fashioned projector or even a plain computer monitor for your trade show display? It’s time to level up that screen! Sleek and slim is the way to go if you want to add a modern touch to your visuals. Responsiveness is also a must if you want to engage your audiences. If you want to go big, go for video walls that will broadcast your content to as many people as possible.


Amp Up Your Event with User-Generated Content

These days your viewers aren’t just a passive audience anymore. They are also relays and amplifiers for your brand and product. That’s why it’s important to find ways to incorporate user-generated content to your event campaign. Branded selfies, for example, are great for broadcasting how users engage with you. You can also use social media to start a lively conversation. Contests, of course, are standard user-generated content and are highly effective with the right rewards. Read this guide to get more examples of how various brands leverage user-generated content to build trust and connections.

Four Essential Questions to Ask about Your Marketing Plan

Sometimes, event marketing plans get so convoluted that the original purpose of the event gets buried in the process. It’s important to double-check everything, not just to make sure the event is feasible but also to make sure it still fits with corporate goals. This article presents four questions that determine whether your event will fly or die. Answer them all clearly and you’re good to go. Make sure the concept, audience, metrics, and timeline are all in place. Fail, and it’s back to the drawing board.


Do Your Social Media Promotion Right

It’s important not just to have a social media presence but also an effective social media strategy if you want to stay on top. In Facebook, for example, a single page isn’t enough. Your team should use Event Pages appropriately, and utilize the insights brought in by Facebook Analytics. There’s also Facebook Live, of course, for maintaining an active video presence during events. For Twitter, promoted tweets and a custom hashtag are both essential as well. This list jots down these and other social media techniques you should use to ensure your event is a resounding success.


Spearhead Your Event Planning Meeting

Without the right agenda, meetings can easily lead nowhere. So create a checklist of topics to discuss and list down the people who need to attend. Make sure potential attendees also get reminders. As the meeting goes on, take minutes and make sure the conversation stays on track. If previous meetings left any open items, start with these. Make sure all closed topics have clear action items as well. And just like with events themselves, the steps you take after the meeting are just as important. Send out the meeting notes and the action items, and start a conversation to keep everyone posted.

This Year’s Travel Trends, Revisited

Flying is almost a necessity nowadays, and airlines know this. However, flying comfortably isn’t just an airline concern. Travelers also need to play their part. From knowing what to bring to learning the best practices of booking trips, here are the best tips for making the most out of your travel experience. It even includes the nitty-gritty details, like specific things you always need to pack and how to relax amidst your whirlwind of travel woes.


Workona Helps Tame Tab Trouble in Chrome

Most of the tools we work with nowadays are web-based. That means we can just open a browser and work using the tabs. However, when planning events, tab-wrangling can be a confusing task. This is where the Workona Chrome extension comes in. It can be used for various aspects of event planning, from gathering data to making meetings more productive. Workona works by creating friendlier workspaces where related information can be stored and shared for collaboration.