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Dear Brand: How To Build A Successful Team In Lagos

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The importance and significance of a team is well known. An organization without a winning team is like a fish without water. Team building is a highly challenging job because it requires foresightedness as well as assembling the right talent for the right job and on the top of it motivating them to excel is no mean achievement. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning for a team building in Lagos or in another part of Nigeria the basics will be the same. Keep your basic right and be sure it will help you to achieve your goals and objectives. Setting the objectives and then assembling the right person for the right job means you are on the right track.

Lagos is not only famous for its multicultural and cosmopolitan outlook but also, considered to be the economic hub of Nigeria. No wonder this beautiful city of Lagos attracts talents from all over the world. If you are running a business and want to build a successful team in that case you have few options like, either hire someone who is an expert in this field or build it yourself. Now, what should be the process of team building in Lagos? Of co, rse it will be the same but what exactly should be the process. Define the objective and goals and how to make it a reality is the main thing, hence start it from this point.

It doesn’t matter what is the nature of the event whether it’s just a party to stay connected or is a sales event, at the end of the day, successful accomplishment of it, matters the most. And it goes without saying that only a good event planning team or managers will be able to make it a roaring success. There are certain reasons why the top event management companies are most sought after. These event companies hire only the best; as a result they not only plan and organize, but also, are capable enough to execute any event. Since event managers are hardcore professionals, they can share an idea or apprehension, if any with them, and be sure they will take care of it.

Make it a point to make a team with diverse knowledge, so that it can handle any situation, good or bad. In fact handling a good situation is also a skill. Now it is the time for the organization to tell the team members about the objectives and there should not be any communication gap. The set objectives or purposes will work as a catalyst to force them to excel. Well defined role is very important in team building. The role of a team leader is well defined which means he/she should be highly motivated and should be open to ideas and at the same time should know how to boost the morale of the members of the team particularly in crunch situation.

One more thing, make your team members accountable by giving them a free hand. Coordination as well as redress of grievances of the members is also essential. Periodically review the performance of the team because it will keep you in the loop and at the same time bringing the team together will increase the bonding between them which ultimately will help them to achieve their target.

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